What is VitiSkills?

Climate change is stressing wine production in the EU. Adverse weather conditions and resulting vine diseases push its volume and extent to decrease. As the EU has prioritised the promotion of sustainable agriculture, viticulture stands to benefit from precise and smart farming practices. As a group of partners working in VITISKILLS, we support the introduction of these practices by means of education.

We aim to meet training needs for smart viticulture.

We address common training needs and deliver solutions shareable and applicable to the viticulture sector across the EU.

7 tools for Green and Digital skills for Sustainable Viticulture

1. Evidence-based, measurable learning outcomes for VET provision, following consultation with training, academic, and field experts

2. Formal VET learning units, training & assessment materials, & trainer toolkit for course delivery

3. A VOOC to support individual, self-paced learning

4. 4 on-site training seminars (1 per module) & a VOOC pilot run (720 vineyard staff up-skilled)

5. A Blueprint with specifications for an EU-wide qualification for vineyard staff

6. A best practice guide to extend social & economic security for vineyard workforce

7. A position paper to support improved labour conditions, digital literacy & environmental awareness in rural communities

Multiplier Events to reach professionals of vine and wine.

After the preparation of our educational tools and resources, in 2024, we will be organising a VITISKILLS event in each country of our group. During that info-day, you will be able to learn more about VITISKILLS results, discuss with experts of the field, learn about the attractive career opportunities in the field & kick-start reskilling initiatives.