Statement of Support

Statement of Support

For the Recognition of Vitikills Learning Outcomes

I, the undersigned,

representing _______________________________________________

hereinafter referred to as “stakeholder”

for the purposes of participating in the project Vitiskills, hereinafter referred to as “the project”

hereby approve of the learning outcomes developed by the Erasmus+ Project VITISKILLS consortium, because the following skills are currently required for the vineyard workforce:

·        Regenerative Viticulture

·        Viticulture 4.0

·        Viticultural Data Management

·        Fostering Fair and Enabling Working Conditions

·        New Challenges and Technologies, Business and Vineyard Management

I also acknowledge the value of “green & digital” knowledge, skills and competences in the realm of viticulture practices.

As my organization is (please indicate):

o  a viticulture association

o  a winery

o  an educational institution

o  a training provider

o  a workers’ union

o  a public institution

o  other: ______________________________________________

we are highly interested in the results of the Project and fully support the initiatives of the Vitiskills consortium.

Please indicate in which way you would like to support the Project:

o  ensuring local promotion

o  encouraging other stakeholders

o  disseminating information about the project on social media

o  disseminating project information through printing posters, flyers, brochures

o  using Vitiskills contents in trainings

o  exploiting the project’s results

o  being open to start the integration process in the national qualification system

o  posting the Vitiskills logo

o  other: ________________________________________________________

I hereby acknowledge that my organization is interested in contributing to the advancement of the project’s objectives and in improving the supply and quality of VET training in the viticulture sector.



Done at____________________________

 (place, date)

This is not a legally-binding document. By signing this document you are not obliged to fulfil the before mentioned activities. It is intended purely to provide an overview of the kind of activities that might support the Project in any way and to serve as a basis for discussion and communication. Consequently, it is subject to change.

    Please indicate in which way you would like to support the Project:

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    Vitsikills Statement of Support